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PC Skylight cover

  Product details:


1. Description:

☆ Item Name: Polycabonate Sky-light cover 
☆ Material: 
Polycarbonate Solid sheet, Embossed sheet & Hollow sheet
☆ Thickness: 
from 2mm to 6mm 
☆ Max Size: 
1.98m * 1.98m
☆ Designs: 
Dome shape, Tape shape, Pyramid shape, Pentacle shape, Triangle shape, etc. 
☆ Color: 
White, Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, etc.
☆ Packing: 
paper carton box
☆ Accessories: 
Self-tapping screw, EPDM gasket, Butyl rubber.
☆ Material: 
Makrolon Bayer in Germany, Lexan Sabic in Middle East, Dow and Samsung in Korea
☆ UV: 
UV layer protection
☆ MOQ: 
☆ Delivery time: 
within 15-30 days.
☆ Customized colors and dimensions are available.

Technical Data:

2. Features:

◆ Using of imported PC raw material and formed by plastic molding processing, it has the performance of impact strength, high strength, 
unbreakable, light weight, weather resistance, good lighting feature, bullet-proof, supporting frame-saving and easy to install, etc.

3. Application:

★ Bus station, docks, airport, stations of terminal, rain tents, hospital, school, stadium, also be suitable for equipment, banks, shield of
jewelry, wind shield, etc.

4. Our Catalogue:

Our main products: Polycarbonate Twin-wall sheet, Triple-wall sheet, Four-wall sheet, X-Structure sheet,Honeycomb sheet, Frosted sheet, 
Anti-fog sheet, Solid sheet, Embossed sheet, Abrasive sheet, Anti-scratch sheet, and other function products like: PC Diffusion sheet, IR 
sheet, Canopy, Sky-lighting cover, Anti-Riot shields,etc.

Foshan Bright Sun Building Material Co., Ltd.
Add: Linshang Road, Shunde district, Beijiao Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. P.O.Box: 528311
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