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(1) Insert installation
a. According to the thickness, thermal expansion, framework, wind-pressure, snow-pressure, etc, reserve enough
    inserted width. The edge of the sheet in engaged for a minimum of 25mm into the glazing frame with at least
    two or more ribs installed into the clamping area. The thermal expansion coefficient: 0.065mm / m. ℃.
b. According to local weather condition and temperature at installation time, reserve the suitable space for sheets
    Thermal expansion. The reserved distance should be a little smaller in summer than in winter. For insert
    installation, the sheet longer, the accumulated expansion bigger, so the sheet length should be kept in a
    reasonable length.
c. The installation requirement: When installation finished, the PC sheet can be slightly moved without influence to
    the combination of the filling material and sheet or frame, so the filling material should be adhesive and flexible

(2) Screw installation
a. When sheet installation with screw, the holes diameter of PC sheet should be reamed to reserve space for
    expansion and contraction. Usually, the holes should be larger than that of bolt or rivet diameter by 50%, so
    as to avoid expansion or shrinkage. Fixing screw or rivet directly while drilling is forbidden.
b. The distance of the holes can be neither too long for the risk of the accumulated expansion, nor too narrow
    for the risk of the focused stress, but it can counteract some part of focused stress if curving outside permit
    when thermal expansion.
c. The distance of holes to each other should be kept at 50cm when drilling on the sheets, and to the edge at
d. Rivet head should be larger than the stems by 2 times, use gaskets or washers to avoid the rivet heads
    touching PC sheets, and reduce the pressure.
e. Don’t screw up too tightly to avoid crushing the sheets, it’s better the sheets can be moved slightly after
f. Don’t use PVC gaskets or water proof tape containing asphalt composition, because the chemical additive
    released will corrupt the sheets, cause the sheet surface cracks, or even broken.
g. The bending part should be avoided using screw for cold bending process. Fill up the holes, and cover the
    exposed portion with silicone compound to prevent detergents permeating which brings damage to
    Polycarbonate gradual cracks.

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